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Dentist near KutztownTwice daily brushing and flossing along with regular dental exams are the first line of defense in ensuring our teeth and gums are healthy for a lifetime. However, at times, despite our best efforts and intentions, tooth decay appears and we are informed of our need for a dental filling. James C. Blankenhorn DMD, premier dentist near Kutztown, offers patients a wide range of general dentistry services and treatments including fillings in a comfortable environment while utilizing the most modern equipment during each phase of your visit. We will review the actual process of a dental filling as well as discuss the merits and drawbacks of the various filling materials we use.

Many patients are familiar with the traditional amalgam filling which has a silver appearance and has been successfully and safely used with predictable results. This strong and durable material is especially key when a dental filling is needed in a molar as these teeth are critical for the chewing and must be able to withstand a substantial amount of force while they are being used to break down food. James C. Blankenhorn DMD, your dentist near Kutztown also offers dental restoratives which may be composed of ceramic or plastic compounds. These options are especially popular when addressing a highly visible location in the mouth as they can effectively provide the look of natural teeth. However, Dr. Blankenhorn may recommend a specific material be used to properly address your particular needs.

Our professional and personable staff at the office of James C. Blankenhorn DMD, directed by your extensively experienced and highly trained dentist near Kutztown, are available to assist you by scheduling your initial appointment. As a new patient, we understand you will likely have questions about the additional dental services we offer as well as our participating insurance providers and we will be happy to address your concerns. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional dental care in an environment that is comfortable by compassionate and well-qualified practitioners. Additionally, we look forward to meeting with you and all of the members of your family to ensure you naturally beautiful smile remains strong and healthy while lasting a lifetime.

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