Greenville root canal

Greenville Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Greenville

If you have tooth pain when you chew or apply pressure to your tooth, have gum tenderness, or tooth discoloration, you may be in need of our Greenville root canal. Here at the office of James C. Blankenhorn DMD, you can depend on an expertly performed treatment, done gently, with little to no discomfort. And with a success rate of 90% or more, there is an excellent chance that you’ll be able to keep your natural tooth.

Enamel and dentin comprise the protective layers that keep your teeth safe from bacterial infection. If the become compromised, though, there is a path for bacteria to get inside. The pulp is delicate. It’s inside your tooth, adjacent to the nerve. As infection sets in, the likelihood is that you’ll notice a toothache forming. It can start off as mild, but may easily become worse without warning. The sooner you are examined at our office, the better the chance is for a positive outcome. Our Greenville root canal consists of the removal of the pulp and nerve along with any debris, followed by the cleaning and disinfecting of the canals. Those canals are then sealed, which reduces the chances of a future infection. The entire procedure may take more than one visit to complete, especially if there are multiple canals in the tooth. You’ll be fitted with a temporary crown between sessions if you need to come back. A permanent crown is placed after the tooth has fully healed. Fortunately, once our Greenville root canal has been done and the tooth is restored, it will be just as strong and viable as any other tooth.

When you have tooth pain, we will provide you with a timely appointment for prompt care. Please keep our number handy, or programmed in your phones for immediate use when necessary.

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