Greenville family dentist

Greenville Family Dentist

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Dental care for all ages in Greenville

Greenville family dentist
Greenville family dentist

Dental care for all ages is more than just accepting patients from kids all the way up geriatrics. It’s about catering to the needs and preferences that are specific to each group, and more importantly, to each individual. That is exactly what we provide here at the practice of James C. Blankenhorn DMD, our Greenville family dentist.

To care for kids requires a higher degree of patience and gentle care. Our Greenville family dentist has that to spare. In order for him or her to have a positive attitude about dentistry as an adult, it’s necessary to have good experiences in childhood. Habits form early. Speaking of habits, one that should definitely start right away is coming in for a dental exam and teeth cleaning two times per year. This is vital at all ages because plaque does not discriminate. It is working 24/7, eroding tooth enamel to form cavities; and irritating and reddening gums. When brushing and flossing do not remove all of the plaque, tartar develops. It is harder than plaque and cannot be eliminated with at-home oral hygiene. Kids, adults, and geriatric patients need that tartar buildup eradicated regularly. Once every six months is sufficient. Our Greenville family dentist places fillings and crowns, as well as bridges and dentures to restore lost teeth. Dental implant restorations, though, are the most advanced method for replacing teeth. Gum therapy is performed to keep your gums strong, healthy, and vibrant. And while kids don’t need cosmetic care, adults of any age can benefit from tooth whitening and veneers. It’s all part of total and complete service for our valued patients. Your teeth and that of your family members should feel good and look good, too.

All you need do is reach out to us and we will schedule an appointment for you or one of your family members to come in.

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