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Have you been experiencing pain when you eat something sweet? Is this has occurred, you may indeed have a dental cavity. If any case, you will want to come in and be seen by our dentist to determine the cause of the tooth pain. As we all know, cavities will never go away by themselves; they will only continue to get worse. If the cavity is left to go untreated for a long period of time, the inside of the tooth may become infected and you will need a root canal to save the tooth. Of course, this is a situation that you will want to avoid. So at the first sign of tooth pain, it is wise to come in to see our dentist at our Bowers dental office.

Our practice is James C. Blankenhorn DMD, and our dentist is Dr. James C. Blankenhorn. He has been providing exemplary dental care to our patients for over 35 years. Today, when a patient has a dental cavity, we are able to offer them two different types of dental fillings. At our practice we offer tooth-colored composite fillings as well as traditional silver amalgam fillings. Depending on the size and location of the cavity our dentist will recommend one filling type over another. If a filling is needed in a tooth that shows when you speak or smile, it will most likely be recommended that you get a tooth-colored composite filling. These fillings are much more aesthetically pleasing, as they cannot even be seen once they are applied to the tooth. Patients who come to our Bowers dental office are very pleased with the fact that they are able to receive fillings while they remain perfectly pain-free due to the use of local anesthesia.

Our dentist at our Bowers dental office may recommend a silver amalgam filling if the cavity is on the flat chewing surface of a back molar. This is because silver amalgam fillings are much stronger than composite fillings. If a filling is in a location that needs to be able to withstand vigorous chewing forces, the silver amalgam filling will definitely be the better choice. Silver amalgam fillings traditionally last much longer as they are much stronger. Composite fillings are much more aesthetically pleasing, and actually strengthen the tooth since they bond to the tooth when applied. So as you can see, each type of dental filling has its own benefits and drawbacks. If you would like to see our dentist to treat a cavity, or for a comprehensive dental exam, contact our office today. We look forward to welcoming you into our dental care family.

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